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SBG Moray

We are Morays first Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) competition team. Currently we offer classes in kickboxing for MMA, BJJ Gi and NoGi wrestling and boxing which are all aspects of the sport of MMA. We also teach children's classes in BJJ and MMA. we regularly host guest coaches from all over the continent and aim to deliver the highest quality coaching to our members.

What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ?

BJJ is a grappling martial art, in essence it focuses on bringing the fight to the ground and to control and eventually submit your opponent in the most efficient way possible. BJJ is a highly enjoyable, dynamic sport, it emphasises the fundamental principles of leverage so that a smaller more technical opponent can effectively defeat a larger more physical adversary.

BJJ is a highly enjoyable sport and promotes correct technique over size and strength.


What is MMA ?

Mixed martial arts is as the name suggests, a contest in which fighters use a combination of martial arts styles to win. Popularised by the UFC it is common to see a variety of striking styles, western boxing, kickboxing and  Muay Thai styles being used in the striking exchanges and a mixture of Freestyle and Greco wrestling, judo and BJJ in the grappling department. The fights usually take place in the a caged octagon for safety. Professional fights are 3 x 5 minutes rounds and you can win the contest by submission, knockout or technical knockout or by decision.

We offer classes in Mixed martial arts striking. We cover elements of all the above mentioned styles and show you how to apply them in a combat situation, taking into account clinching and grappling possibilities which are applicable for both MMA and self defence situations too. An average class will cover the basic aspects of striking techniques and strategy well as partner combinations and drills with live sparring if an individual wants to participate.

Why choose us ?

what makes us different is our approach to training. We train functional martial arts and in a manner which best suits learning for everyone, from the beginner to the professional athlete, our focus is on teaching the fundamentals and universal concepts of fighting which apply to everybody, through this individuals can develop their own unique style while till grasping the concept of why it works. 


We test our methods.

Using Aliveness coaching principles we allow people to build their skills and timing against adaptively resisting opponents allowing them to develop and understanding of how a technique applies in a live situation.

 Our coaches have competed with success in the sport of MMA BJJ as well as amateur Boxing and Muay Thai. 

All of our classes are suitable for beginners regardless of experience in combat sports. We have people in attendance of all genders and age groups, we train people who have had zero martial arts or sporting experience before.

We are an SBG affiliated training group which means we use proven coaching methods and we teach in a fashion which promotes realistic and effective training whilst in a fun and safe environment.