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Focus on the Ground Submission Only Competition - Results And Report

Kevin McAloonComment


On Saturday 3rd of January 2015, the team had our first competition of the year at the Focus on the ground Submission only competition.  This was a submission only competition with 10 minute rounds and if there was not a winner at the end of the time the opponent on top began the next 5 minute round in what ever position they wished. Following the rule set of the Gracie world championships. 


 It was a mainly northern affair with teams coming from between Inverness and Aberdeen, several teams under  Under the gold team Affiliation entered as well as friends from granite city grapplers and Aberdeen Spartans.  There was only 5 divisions - beginner over and under 75kg, advanced over and under 75kg and female open weight.


First up was Christina Ireland against a larger opponent from Gold team.  Christina immediately pulled guard and started working her seated guard.  It didn't take long for Christina to take the advantage and break down her opponents posture, snapping on a tight guillotine using it to sweep to mount and finish the match from top! It was a great performance from Christina in her first tournament taking gold.


Next up was Charlie Ward in the beginner over 75kg and Bradley Poole in the beginner under 75kg divisions.  First was Charlie against well known MMA fighter

Henry Taylor and Charlie started strong taking Taylor's back and working for the choke.  

Unfortunately this attempt seemed to tire Charlie and Taylor was able to get on top with just a couple of minutes left and forced the tap from Charlie.  It was another good debut and some solid Jiu Jitsu from Charlie who now knows what he needs to work on for his next competition.  Also a special mention for Charlie who has managed to lose 24kg!!!  Since starting BJJ several months ago.

Charlie looking to take the back.

Charlie looking to take the back.



On at the same time was Bradley Poole competing for the first time.  Bradley had a good first match showing some greatly improved guard retention and some nice open guard passing but unfortunately was not able to capitalise from the dominant position and his opponent was able to escape and put Bradley into closed guard.  Closed guard appeared to be Bradley's Kryptonite as he struggled to keep good posture, getting caught in a tight Arm-bar.  Showing great heart and determination he managed to escape and finished the match on bottom which meant his opponent started on his back for the final period.  Again Bradley showed great resilience but was unable to stay safe for the round and had to tap via rear naked choke.


Next up, was Laurie McCutcheon in the beginner over 75kg category.  Laurie had 3 matches and they all pretty much played out the same way.  Laurie landed a take down, passed guard and either got mount or the back and submitted all three opponents within the time.  Laurie is a very athletic competitor and with some more consistency in training he could dominate a lot more competitions.  

Laurie dominates his opponent.

Laurie dominates his opponent.


Now it was time for the the advanced division and Greg Scott took to the mat first and as there was nobody in the intermediate category for Greg to face off with he stepped up to the advanced division.  He was up first and faced an experienced blue belt and he showed some great guard work but lost via submission.  Since joining the misfits Greg has improved a lot and I'm sure he will learn from his mistakes and use it to improve over the coming months. 

Kevin McAloon stepped up next eager to make up for Greg's loss in the previous match.  He faced friend Gareth Byrne who is an accomplished competitor the british army BJJ champion and notoriously hard to submit.  Kev pulled guard and looked for the sweep but Gareth managed to keep his base and began to look to pass.  As he did this Kev seized the opportunity and locked in the guillotine and forced the tap about a minute in.

Next he faced Gary Paterson, promoter of the immortals fight promotions and overall nice guy unfortunately for Gary, Kev was in good form and it didn't take long for Kev to submit him via guillotine.  

Kev locking on a guillotine choke against his first opponent.

Kev locking on a guillotine choke against his first opponent.

In the final, Kev faced a larger opponent from the gold team affiliation in Aberdeen. Kev started the match the same way he had his previous two by pulling guard, working some relaxed half guard sweeping his opponent to take the top position.  Kev passed guard several times but each time his opponent turtled up and looked for a leg lock.  Kev managed to stuff the leg lock attempt and as his opponent tried to play some open guard he locked on a knee bar getting the tap.


Misfits youngster Doug Nevins was up next against Palash Abdul coach of ultra Kombat also of The gold team affiliation.  Both started tentatively looking to initiate the action from the tie up.  Nevins opportunity to take the Fight to the mat came when Nevins lifted his opponent above head hight with a spectacular Single leg takedown. When the match hit the ground Douglas took the back, which Palash managed to escape and ended up in the guard of Nevins.  Palash still wasn't safe and as he attempted to pass Nevins guard he managed to get the triangle choke, in a dominant performance by the young grappler.

In an team mate vs team mate match popular misfit fighters Aidan and Euan Macleod faced off for putting on a playful exhibition of their skills. Aidan worked his notoriously flexible guard whilst Macleod looked to show his passing abilities and ended the match with a handshake and a a game of rock, paper, scissors in which Aidan won.

Special Mention to friend of the club James Scott who despite feeling unwell progressed through his first fight before losing out in overtime in his second.

A shot of the team.

A shot of the team.